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Wine & Storytelling: When did you feel that the world was really small?


Belltown First Friday Wine Shareunnamed
Friday April 3
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Centennial Tower & Court Apartments 
2515 Fourth Ave (between Vine and Wall)


Hi, Everyone!  Thanks to Justin Rush for passing on the tradition of the Belltown First Friday Wine Share. Ben Herila and Sasha Soyon have organized this month’s event. We will meet again on April 3, but with a new addition to the format: an open mic!

This month, while we share wine, we are encouraging people to come up and tell stories revolving around the theme of SMALL WORLD.  Was there ever a time when you suddenly felt like the world was really small? Who did you run into? Where did it happen?  Was it funny?  Awkward?  Did everyone laugh about it afterward? Tell a story, or just listen. Either way, we think this will be fun!

What to bring to the First Friday Wine Share:

  • A bottle of wine
  • A wine glass for you, and another for a guest
  • A good story to tell!

Appetizers provided by the Centennial management and the Belltown Insurance Group.