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The Widow Maker By Paridon Williams

Paridon Williams - 50 Ways To Help

The “Widow maker”; this term referred to the western day guns that took the lives of men in gun fights. It’s also been tagged with other things as well.

The current Widow makers have both parties alive but one dead in the eyes of the other; it’s called “Drug and substance abuse”. Addiction will steal you away from everything and every person that matters.

Some people who are seriously addicted to substances only care about their next high and other than being able to satisfy that need nothing is second to it, not even spouses and family.

Thousands of marriages unsettlingly come to their endings when one or the other is addicted and by not admitting that it’s a problem and getting help inevitably destroys the union.

Imagine your significant other being referred to as a widow while you’re still alive, imagine your children being told that you died because your addiction was more important than them, imagine your family not caring to hear from you, imagine not even being counted as a contributing citizen rather someone that merely takes and cares only of their own selfish cravings.

I know that addiction is a big time thief and even has the power to steal and alter sound choices. But I also know that no relationship can truly endure when an addiction is involved. And I do know that by admitting you have a problem and seeking help is a ticket out of an inevitable sooner than later grave thus defying the lonesome grip of the Widow Maker!!


Our life is all we are because we are.

Living Life, Teaches Life.

~ Paridon Williams

… Pass it on.