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Why academic essays are easy to hate

I’ve been introduced to essays back in secondary school when we were asked to write about how we have lived our lives so far. During my entire stay in secondary school, I’ve written countless essays on various topics and I’ve found them enjoyable and quite easy to do.

But this has changed the moment I entered university. I had no trouble writing the personal statement essay as part of the application requirements. But the first time I was assigned an academic essay I was taken by surprise. The guidelines and rules were completely different from the style I was used to, it was too formal and structured which I found quite intimidating. Add to that, the amount of research necessary for the essay was quite staggering. I had to dig up a lot of obscure books and manuals which were, almost always, available only in physical form at public libraries. Also, the research entailed interviewing an old farmer living in a town which I’ve never heard of.

Needles to say, that was when I started to hate writing academic essays. The one that followed after that were no different, each requiring extensive research and strictly structured formats which I’m still trying hard to adjust to. They say that I’ll get used to it soon. Perhaps they are right, but I just don’t think I could ever resolve myself with writing these kinds of essays.