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Who is Joe Nix?

     Joe Nix is Belltown!

Joe Nix grew up observing his father and grandfather work to maintain Foss tugs and Chris Craft boats.  He watched them repair the engines and keep up the outer appearance of these machines.  Growing older he realized the importance of such man-made inventions and realized that the machines once created and used by so many people were beginning to be neglected and fall apart.

In 2003, Joe decided the art realm was the perfect place for him to begin to explore his fascination with the creation and eventual dilapidation of these machines.  His paintings are a direct reflection of the idea that man is fast to discard things that are beautiful.

Along with his fine art, Joe has painted multiple commercial and fine art murals throughout Seattle.  His murals are large scale, colorful, conceptual art pieces focusing on photorealism with aerosol.

Joe also owned Vice Versa Gallery in Seattle.  He was a co-founder of the Belltown Arts Revue, a DIY organization that throws monthly art “block parties” in Belltown focusing on live painting, art shows , performance and music.  Alongside these achievements he has made a buzz around galleries throughout Seattle.  His fine art can be seen at Capitol Hill Art Center, Home Sweet Home Gallery, Urban Light studios, The Piranha Shop, Flatcolor Gallery and many more.

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