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Where to watch fireworks this year?

Alright, it’s a sore subject for most Belltowners; Instead of watching Elliot Bay fireworks on our roof top decks while enoying mojitos and being fanned by our servants, we must coalesce with the masses and try to get a glimpse of the pyrotechnary of Gas Works park. Oh the druthers!

Don’t crumple upon yourself in a dark corner though my friends, the Seattle PI has come to our rescue with seven alternative locations to  bask in the radiant glow of freedom. Behold, the list. (click the link to go to their blog since they did all the work and I’ll i’m doing is stealing their map and making a goofy comment about it, right… Thanks)

If you’re really dead set on braving the crowds, be sure to check out the Eastlake Blog for a truly comprehensive consolidation on all things 4th of July related.