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Where to Drink on Christmas Day in Belltown

Looking for a drink on Christmas day? Maybe your an orphan like me, or maybe you just need a drink after hanging with your fam all day. Well, don’t worry – not every place is closed! Some fine Belltown establishments are open and will be happy to pour you a drink, or two.

Here’s a list of Belltown places to drink on Chrismas day. If you know of any other places that are open, leave a comment and we’ll update our list.

The Upstairs
2209 2nd Ave
The Upstairs is a newer Belltown spot, serving craft cocktails and premium beer. The Rompope Christmas punch should put you in a festive mood.

Belltown Pub
2322 1st Ave
Belltown Pub will be open for both drinks and grub. The Cock and Bull Mule or the Belltown Dog (pitcher of alcohol with an upside down beer) are great choices, and will for sure help you erase the memory of your Aunt Sally’s cheek pinches.

The 5 Point Cafe  
415 Cedar
All Day
The 5 Point Cafe is open all day, and even has a special Christmas menu that looks delicious and even includes pie!

5 Comments on "Where to Drink on Christmas Day in Belltown"

  1. Technically LQA, but Tini Bigs is open 365 days/year. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip Jodi… I mean, I guess we can cross the boundaries… just this once 😉

  3. Brick’s Bistro is always open, lol. Seriously love 5 Point, the guys, the grub.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Very interesting! Thanks!

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