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When’s the last time you went to Tula’s Jazz Club?

Tula’s is a neighborhood icon. As such, I’m embarassed to say I can count the times I’ve been inside on one hand. According to an article in the Weekly way back in January, they were hurting. I doubt things have really brightened up considering we’re continuing a downward plunge in nearly every economic indicator.

Next Wednesday, Travis Shook makes his comeback to Seattle. All about Jazz has the story of this performer who seemed headed for stardom, only to watch his dreams evaporate into a misguided story of drug and alcohol induced failure.


From AllAboutJazz

“I’m 40 and I feel a lot more comfortable with myself now,” said Shook, a fixture on the Seattle jazz scene in the early 1990s and once considered one of the greatest jazz musicians of his generation. “That’s all that matters to me. Musically, I’m a much better player than I was. But the main thing is that I’m comfortable with myself. That was my biggest hurdle.”

For most, that would seem a small accomplishment, but for Shook, who experienced meteoric success and sudden failure, who was addicted to alcohol and drugs, who was virtually unemployable for a number of years, this is not an insignificant step.

“Comeback,” is the word he settled on. Shook will perform next Wednesday night with his trio at Tula’s Restaurant & Nightclub in Belltown, his first performance in Seattle in about five years.


3 Comments on "When’s the last time you went to Tula’s Jazz Club?"

  1. Get your butts in to Tula’s! It’s a wonderful place, with great music, excellent food and a comfortable atmosphere. It’s a small and intimate club that is the perfect place to see a great jazz artist.

    Mac, the owner, has done the jazz community in Seattle a real service by keeping Tula’s going. He provides a place for artists (some of them beginners) to play and grow an audience. Few other clubs have been there for the aspiring artists like Tulas.

    Some of those artists have gone on to become very well known. Greta Matassa, for one, has played there a couple of times a month for years. She’s one of the Northwest’s preeminent jazz artists and her star is rising nationally and internationally.

    Do stop by. You’ll have a great time, you’ll hear some fantastic music and you’ll spend far less than you would at a certain jazz club a few blocks away. In these tough times, that’s a bargain!

  2. Hi Prospero, thanks for the comment and history. It’s such a great asset to the neighborhood to have a local venue like Tula’s still going strong. I hope the community continues to support the club so talented new artists have a launching pad available.

  3. Really sweet host was not surprized when I told him that, altough I loved the music the bartender was rude and hostile. My one and only time in this bar or even in this area of the town….

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