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What’s with the trains honking since last Friday?

On 9/16/11, there was a minor train related incident in Belltown.

Since then, every single train that crosses Belltown now honks long and loud at every hour, even in the middle of the night.

Does anyone know who we can contact to complain?

The residents on Elliott have it worst.

If you live in Belltown, you have heard the train honks. The noise pollution is bad enough to affect real estate prices in this area.

6 Comments on "What’s with the trains honking since last Friday?"

  1. Looks like the train companies have instructed operators to honk loud when they go through Belltown. What a disaster for such a minor incident.

  2. I live on 1st and Broad and it’s been really horrible to sleep with these trains honking in the middle of the night. Did you make any progress finding out where to complain?

  3. Spoke with BNSF Seattle and apparently the noise will cease tonight. Something to do with Federal Law and the City of Seattle. The gentleman I spoke to was in quite a hurry but was able to share that much with me. Any questions, call him directly…Gus Melonas (Director, Public Affairs) at 206.625.6220. We’ll see what happens tonight…

  4. I live in lower queen anne right near elliot and that stupid think honks sporadically ALL NIGHT! I can’t sleep because as soon as I start to fall asleep, it honks and sounds like an alarm clock. I’ve been having to sleep with ear plugs at night. This is absolutely ridiculous that a train has to honk so much. Nobody is in your way!!!!

  5. I’m new to seattle and am considering a couple of places in Belltown, but noticing the tracks I was worried about whether this would be an issue. Is this still happening? Thanks.

  6. if this was resolved, but I live at 1st and Battery and don’t hear the trains at all. Plenty of spots in Belltown where this is not a problem.

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