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What is the Wexley School for Girls?

I used to walk by The Wexley School for Girls each day on my way to work. First, I actually thought to myself that this must be some misguided effort at a reformative girls school. Then, I realized. It’s another marketing firm. But wait, this isn’t just SOME marketing firm. It’s a brilliant, amazing, super hyper UNIQUE marketing firm! Amazing!

The Seattle Times did a great job writing what should be the wikipedia entry for the Wexley School for Girls. It’s great. You should read it if you’re curious, perplexed, or just jealous of their decadent work environment.

IF YOU CAN’T figure out what goes on behind the locked door at Wexley School for Girls, join the club.

From the sidewalk along Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle, the office looks like an Asian restaurant, with red painted walls, matching red booths, rubber chickens hanging in a window and plates of sushi and other dishes on the tables.

Stepping inside doesn’t help much. The first thing you see is a statue of Merlin the Magician beside a curving stairwell painted blue with white clouds.