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What is the Local 360 Mercantile and how do I use it? Sincerely, Belltown

So if you haven’t heard, the Local 360 Mercantile is now open for business! But what does that mean for you? You can get the basic information about the shop from places like The Puget Sound Business Journal or The Seattle Met, but what does this store actually mean for you, Belltown Resident? Well, I will tell you. 

  • Staples
 Milk: Put in your deposit of $1.90 for the glass container, get the highest quality local non-homogenized Milk for $3.25 from TwinBrook Creamery. Rinse and return the bottle for your deposit refund. 
Eggs: Compared to prices at The Pike Place Market Creamery the eggs at the Mercantile only cost about 30 cents more for a dozen. 
Lemons/Limes: Are staples in my household. And the prices are cheaper than Safeway in lower queen anne. 50 cents a pop. 
Meat: Also, a staple in my household. The Mercantile buys the whole cow and the in house butcher uses all of the meat that you’ll see displayed in the case. You’ll find sausage and steak and bacon and all different parts.
*Note again that Local 360 means that everything is sourced locally within 360 miles of Seattle or less so these cows are our neighborhood cows. 😉
  • Treat Yourself
Granola, Cereal, nuts, local whole bean coffee, Washington and Oregon Wines, Microbrews, etc.
  • Local 360 Made 
The delicious Local 360 Jam and Preserves, bread, bakery items, Local 360 Pancake Mix, Local 360 Bread Crumbs, etc. etc. Get a ton of your favorites from the restaurant and make it at home! 
I like to think of this place as a unique, fancy, local neighborhood market that is an alternative to all of the other corner convenience grocery markets in Belltown.  
The Mercantile is located adjacent to the Restaurant on 1st and Bell in Belltown. It’s open from 11am-8pm daily
For more information about Local 360 check out the interview Here