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What Happened to Saito’s?

If you’ve walked past Saito’s recently, you’ve probably already heard of the bad news. The owner has packed up and sold his revered business to a new group of investors. Saito’s was a great place for authentic Sushi and will be sorely missed in the neighborhood. We wish the owner the best and look forward (hope for) to his eventual return to Belltown!

Nancy Leson, of the Seattle Times wrote up a truly great article on Saito’s. Even if you’ve never been there, it’s worth a read.

Long before the economy headed south, Yutaka and Anita Saito, owners of Saito’s Japanese Cafe & Bar, were hatching plans to blow out of Belltown.

And this week, after nearly a decade in business — a time marked by an explosion of Japanese restaurants within walking distance of their popular sushi bar — they did just that.

On July 3, in time to celebrate Independence Day, Yutaka rolled his last maki, sliced his last piece of aji and closed up shop

2 Comments on "What Happened to Saito’s?"

  1. I walked in on the new owners this week. They are going to open as a noodle bar! Bring back Saito’s!!

  2. hmmmm 🙁

    hopefully they’ll be good. but yeah, nothing really replaces the authenticity of Saitos.

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