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What Do You Think of the Human Waste Clean Up Program? The City Wants to Know!

Seattle Public Utilities launched a pilot program last September in Belltown that aims to keep our streets, alleys and sidewalks cleaner. If you see a pile of poo that you know is too big to be from a pup, or Sunday morning puke from the Bridge/Ferry/Freeway Kids, you can call Clean Scapes and they’ll come clean it up!

The pilot program may be coming to an end, because in today’s mail I received (and I am sure you did, too) a postcard asking to take me a survey about the service. 

I’ve used this service a few times. Once to get a few used condoms cleaned up from behind a client’s place of business (hey, at least the hookers are using condoms, right?) and another time to have vomit removed from the alley door to my apartment building. Both times I assume it was taken care of promptly, because the gross bodily fluids were gone the next time I checked.

Some of the survey questions include:

  • Are you aware of the human waste (vomit, feces and urine) clean up service?
  • Have you or your business used the free clean up service?
  • Select the option which best reflects changes in appearance in alleys, sidewalks or streets compared to before this service was offered?

The survey also asks how you would feel about a $.20 charge being added to your garbage bill in order to pay for the service. 

To take the survey go here or call 206-386-4689 to take it by phone. 

If you have yet to use the program, and want to report human waste, contact CleanScapes at (206) 250-7500.  If you report it before 2pm, it should be cleaned that day. Reports after 2pm may not be cleaned until the next day, though CleanScapes starts their day at 5am.

And, Seattle Public Utilities, you asked if I lived in Belltown or owned a Business in Belltown. Well, some of us do both!