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We’re not quite dead yet…

I know, I’ve been really slacking off and putting the honest job of neighborhood blogger to shame. But, lets be honest. How many ambulances can you chase down the street to get a couple pictures? Wait a second, we never even did that. But seriously, at what point does all that foolery just seem silly.

That being said, it’s just been super busy on the “real job” front. So, I’ve had to play loyalties with the job that actually brings home tasty bacon. Also, the holidays were awesome. Sometimes, it really does take a moment of reflection to figure out what’s next and more importantly, what could be better? Here’s some of the key issues that I’m hoping to solve in the re-launch of

  • More writers
  • A better looking site
  • Content that focuses on people

Those are the three big things. So hey, no promises, but we’ll see what kind of changes and improvement we can scratch out over the next couple of days. Thanks for staying tuned in.

4 Comments on "We’re not quite dead yet…"

  1. Two comments on the Belltown blog.
    1. put dates on new blogs. very confusing if they aren’t dated.
    2. get rid of the black background. very off-putting.

  2. 1.The posts are all dated – not sure where you’re seeing that they’re not?
    2. The black background is supposed to make us look bad ass. But, I think you’re right. We’ve gotten nothing but complaints so we’ll probably switch it back.

    thanks for the feedback Suz – keep it coming.

  3. thanks for your response, Jesse.
    Mystery–i can’t find the dates or times of posting. i have Safari. does that make a difference with the browser.? i look for those items at the top or bottom of the post. Nothing.

  4. I see the dates. I also see the value in chasing the police calls in Belltown. Maybe we can figure out why the police are so un-aggressive in Belltown.

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