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Wasabi Bistro on 2nd Ave is reopening in February 2011

One of my favorite eclectic sushi restaurants, Wasabi Bistro is finally opening in February 2011.  Word of mouth:  One of my very good friends, Brett at Wasabi Bistro said they are in the final stages of the remodeling process.  Apparently, the remodel was taking awhile because of the first contractor that didn’t perform what was told and they finally found a contractor to finish the project perfectly.  They will be updating the interior and the bar setting as well.  Signage and the whole exterior of the restaurant will be revamped.  I definitely look forward to the reopening of Wasabi Bistro on 2nd Ave in Belltown.  

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  1. I’ve been missing Wasabi Bistro so much. I hope they’ll still have a veg-friendly sushi menu.

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