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Via Tribunali retreats from Belltown…

There’s been a rumor flying around the last couple weeks that Via Tribunali was going to vacate their space in the Crocodile. We’ve just confirmed that the news is true.

It’s not as dire of a situation as it sounds. The pizza oven is staying, the bar isn’t going anywhere either. The space will be absorbed into the Crocodile. Word has it that the wall seperating the two spaces will be coming down to make for more space in the Croc. I know that could be a welcome change for some people.

And, if your tears are just about to break, don’t fret little pizza lover, Via Tribunali has other locations in Seattle where you can get your fix.

5 Comments on "Via Tribunali retreats from Belltown…"

  1. But they gave it a good try. I think tht a lot of Belltown folks still have very fond memories of 2nd Avenue Pizza and World Pizza, which were *very* different pizza places than Via Tribunali. Also, the Croc Alley location probably doesn’t exatly lend itself to attracting much foot traffic. Hopefully the next effort will click.

  2. I miss World Pizza! Does anyone remember their potato and rosemary pizza? It was a slice of heaven.

  3. I say good riddance. Belltown already has enough expensive restaurants and good pizza doesnt’ have to be so expensive. Remembering 2nd ave. They should try to get one of those Big Marios in there. The one on capital hill next to the Cha Cha is the bomb, soOOO delicious and affordable slices. People who are going to shows don’t want to go have expensive pizza in that kind of atmosphere first. They want a rock and roll slice of the pie.

  4. So……. Meh.

    Seattle is not a pizza down… So much mediocre pizza at goofy prices. It’s sad how easy it is to make a better pizza.

  5. their design sense is impeccable however thin-crust pizza needs to stay crispy for more than three seconds out of the oven, no matter where the oven is from. also, no love from staff when they do get around to serving you.

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