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Vela Pizzeria & Lounge

Vela Pizzeria & Lounge is one of the newest evening destinations to open up in Belltown. I finally had the chance to swing down to 1st & Clay to meet some of the owners for a tour.

Vela is located in the Labor Temple and has a masculine historic feel. If you’re looking for a plastic imitation of a Vegas club, you’ll have to keep on moving. Vela has its’ own unique style and seems like a basement speakeasy you were somehow cool enough to sneak into rather than a glitzy VIP hangout. They have a little ways to go before their grand opening on the third, but if you’re in the mood to change up your routine, I’d reccomend swinging over for a sneak peek.

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Vela also has an outdoor seating area that reminds me of a cabana hangout. Too bad they’re not open during the day just yet. This has the potential to be a killer spot to enjoy the summer sun.

Vela plans to host a fantasy football leauge one the season gets underway and their monolithic flat screen collection is going to come in handy for watching the Seahawks games. If you’d like to swing by Vela now, here’s a list of the current specials;

  • Monday – Industry Night
  • Tuesday – Karaoke
  • Wednesday – Half Off Tab!
  • Friday – Liquefy
  • Saturday – Escape 

I’ve heard from some neighbors surrounding the Vela spot that they’re not happy with another club moving in. James (the General Manager) said if there’s any problems, to just give him a call (206-441-8352). He’s a truly nice guy and is open to hearing how Vela can continue to partner with the community.

I’m looking forward to this spot settling in and establishing themselves in the neighborhood. Welcome guys!

3 Comments on "Vela Pizzeria & Lounge"

  1. Beau D. Simensen | July 24, 2009 at 5:20 pm |

    We just tried Via Tribunali at the Crocodile ( for the first time last night. I didn’t know that there was another new pizza place in the neighborhood. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I’m hoping these guys’ll be even better, but the bar is definitely way high after Belltown Pizza and Via Trib.

    Also, just a glaring FYI. Vela won’t start serving pizza until August 3rd (their grand opening)

  3. I am in for some Tuesday night karoake. But what are liquefy and escape?

    +1 for opening that spot up during the day while the sun’s out! Sweet lookin’ venue!

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