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Belltown restaurant VBar Facing Possible License Suspension

We brought you news of a police report filed last week with allegations that VBar’s owners were blocking police from entering their premises and  while an unconscious bystander laid inside without help.

This week, KOMO news has picked up the story and is reporting that the Liquor Control board is investigating the incident as possible grounds for revoking their license.


The bar’s owner says he doesn’t foresee any serious consequences, but the bar, which was associated with a deadly shooting just months ago, is now accused of failing to cooperate with police.

“We want to do good in the community. We want to be a good business and have people come here and enjoy themselves,” said V Bar owner Jeff Pham….

…But Pham says part of the problem was a police officer making a remark he considered out of line.

“As one was walking in, he said, ‘I’m not going to let another murder happen here.’ And I said, ‘Officer, please don’t say that, because it’s not true.’ And he said, ‘No, it is true,”‘ said Pham.

Is this “out of line” comment grounds for refusing police entry?


5 Comments on "Belltown restaurant VBar Facing Possible License Suspension"

  1. Saito’s operated in that same space for a decade with zero problems. The difference must be the management.

    The whole point to having a Liquor control board is that it is supposed to control problem establishments.

    Obstructing the police is against the law. It does not matter if you are the “owner” or if you like the officer’s attitude.

  2. This has got to be the most difficult website to read, ever. Seriously, the layout is random but worse is all the reverse type. FYI maybe the site “looks different” than other sites but take a clue from others: all the reverse type make it difficult to read.

  3. thanks for letting us know. We’re going to “redo” the site sometime soon and will make sure to take those comments to heart.

  4. angrybelltown | October 2, 2010 at 11:37 am |

    V bar is a problem, yes…but media is the bigger problem, KOMO reports on me like they were in freaking iraq! any of them cover the good things that I’m involved with, NO!

    ps-I like the white background, but do not like the pages logo…makes me think too much about the ineffectual BBA that put those things in place…bleech

  5. they are worse than you can ever imagine!!! I have a friend that has to deal with them, they have rat infestation and will not allow an exterminator in the premises, drug dealers come and go from open to close, will not clean vomit up on the sidewalks, have faked robberies…the problem with the local news is they do no research!!!!It could be a real story about how a crooked landlord lets them stay there and how it cripples other businesses in the area w/bad press!

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