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Txori: Breaking up is hard to do.

Nancy Leson of the Seattle Times shares the details of  Belltown’s favorite pixtos bar Txori. The short of the story is that owner Chef Joseba Jimenez de Jimenez and his wife and business partner Carolin Messier de Jimenez are filing for divorce. As part of the breakup, Chef Joseba will be transitioning out of the day to day operations of both restaurants over the next twelve months.

Little is likely to change in terms of the delightful food and service; especially concerning Txori.  Txori has always been a creation of Carolin’s and so little is likely to change. Adding to the stability, Joey Serquinia remains at the helm and will now also oversee the kitchen of the much beloved Harvest Vine in Madison.


2 Comments on "Txori: Breaking up is hard to do."

  1. If the restaurant’s operation is not affected, why even run this story – because the Seattle Times did?

    It seems totally irrelevant and invasive.

    Come on BTP, there are much better stories out there.

  2. Probably a good point Eric. Sometimes I get on auto-pilot and like to aggregate all of Belltown related news. But, now that you mention it, this is pretty worthless. Thanks for helping to keep me sane 🙂

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