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Tom Douglas for Mayor!

This is a great example of a citizen identifying a problem, thinking of a solution, then picking up the shovel and getting to work. Thanks go to Tom Douglas for giving the community an example of how business and the community can make a difference without the dawdling support of local government.

From the Seattle Times  – Emily Heffter

Concerned by crime and neglect around Pike Place Market, local celebrity chef Tom Douglas is reaching for any Northwest cook’s go-to solution: salmon.

Douglas is applying next month to launch a weekend “Salmon Night” at Victor Steinbrueck Park. He’d roast salmon and sell it for about $12 a plate at the park on weekend nights and spend the proceeds on additional security for the park.

His vision: “If you’re going to Hawaii, you have to go to a luau,” he said. “If you’re going to Seattle, you have to go to a salmon bake at Steinbrueck Park.”

A salmon night would serve 250 people, he said, and could include a bonfire, Native American dancers or other presentations about the area’s history and culture.


3 Comments on "Tom Douglas for Mayor!"

  1. Seattle needs a Rudy Giuliani type mayor for one term.
    He’ll clean things up

  2. Tom Douglas is one of Belltown’s great citizens. He regularly does special things for this community. His restaurants are damned excellent too. He is such an effective businessman and community asset that I’d hate to see him get stuck in the Seattle political swamp.

  3. I’m glad he’s more concerned with getting things done for the community rather than running for political office 😉

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