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Tixie Gives Seattle the Gift of Free Concert Tickets.

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Tixie is a free contest-based website now available to local concert-goers in the Seattle area.

Each day, Tixie account holders receive 10 free tokens used to bid on the concert or concerts they wish to see. On average, Tixie features around 80 artists ranging from lesser-known local shows to more popular artists like Nick Waterhouse, G. Love & most recently announced – Delta Rae. Depending on the popularity of a given concert, you might consider spending all 10 of your daily tokens for one show. On the other hand, you could spread your bids out among 10 different concerts & test your luck that way.┬áContests last around a week or so, & winners receive 2 free tickets to their winning show.

I can personally vouch for Tixie, as my husband recently won us tickets to see a band we had never heard of before. The band, called Big Head Todd & The Monsters, performed some mean blues covers & now has two more fans in Seattle.

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Tixie Winners Announcements

If anything, Tixie is an easy way to check out some bands you wouldn’t have done so yourself (unless you won free tickets).