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TheLocalVine is moving from Belltown

We noticed a report on CapitolHillSeattle that TheLocalVine was opening up a new shop on 12th avenue. At first, we were alarmed that another restaurant was moving out of Belltown and heading for the hills. However, clarification from the owners came soon that the Capitol Hill bar would be intended as a second location and not a desertion of the neighborhood.

Unfortuantely, it looks like the tables have turned and TheLocalVine is getting the boot from the McGuire along with several hundred residents and a few other businesses. I emailed the owner Sarah Munson this morning and confirmed that they were completely surprised by the news.

“We are shocked and extremely disappointed.  We’ve invested a tremendous amount in our 2 and vine location and in our Belltown community.  It is difficult to believe we must vacate so quickly.  At this point we are still working to understand our options with regard to our existing location in Belltown and new opportunities.”

If you’ve been to TheLocalVine, you’ll know the build out within the McGuire is gorgeous. It would cost a mint to move the infrastructure and interior accents. I’m sure i’m not the only one who will be keeping my fingers crossed that Sarah will be able to find another downtown home soon.

TheLocalVine will be open through June and they’re promising a full tasting and events calendar up until the last day.