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The Mosler Lofts Flood

From KIRO7

Condo owners in Seattle’s Mosler Lofts are dealing with severe property damage and huge insurance headaches after a shower that was left running for six hours overflowed a bathtub and spilled hundreds of gallons of water into several units in the building.

Young Lee, a resident in the building, said a woman on the seventh floor of the Belltown building caused the damage when she turned on her shower late at night and then fell asleep. Three floors down, Lee’s loft suffered water damage in the walls and much of his bamboo hardwood floors had to come up.

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  1. BelloraTony | June 22, 2011 at 7:07 pm |

    I’m interested to see how the possible code violations pans out. The same group that funded/built Mosler Lofts (Schuster Group) are planning to build the Joseph Arnold Lofts @ 2700 Elliott (next to the Bellora).

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