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Cleaner Streets and Extra Patrols? Yes Please!

MID employee giving directions - Photo

MID employee giving directions – Photo

When we first relocated to Seattle last December within the first few days I noticed the random people Downtown in bright yellow that were riding around on bikes, sweeping up the sidewalks, and helping out what seemed to be lost tourists. I did not pay much more attention to them nor did I really notice that they were not over in my neighborhood, at first that is. Fast forward a couple of months later when I attended my first Belltown Community Council meeting on March 13th and Brian Scott gave a presentation on these random people I have encountered in Seattle. What I have seen are employees of the Metropolitan Improvement District(MID) group. MID, as Brian explained, is under a proposal for a 10 year renewal and an expansion to service Belltown and parts of Pioneer Square. As new resident I was thinking this would be a great for Belltown to be included on, especially for the cleaning and patrolling portions of the many services I now know that MID provides. Since that meeting the MID was approved by the Seattle City Council on May 7th, and is scheduled to start the new 10 year contract on July 1. I have seen conflicting reports about when Belltown will start to see the MID from July 1 to sometime in 2014. I actually just sent a message to the MID from their webpage asking for some clarification on this and I will report back after I get my answer.

You can read more about The Metropolitan Improvement District by clicking HERE.

Council Member Rasmussen and Lt. Hayes speaking with MID Representative patrolling.  Photo:

Council Member Rasmussen and Lt. Hayes speaking with MID Representative patrolling. Photo:

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  1. BelltownJane | May 21, 2013 at 10:25 pm |

    The MID will start July 1st in Belltown.

  2. Yes that is what is the correct date. I just received this from my email to them.

    Thank you for your note regarding the MID. Belltown services will begin on July 1, 2013. The MID web page has now been updated to reflect that. Thanks again for the note, we’re looking forward to getting to work in Belltown.

    James Sido

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