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The Ignored Problem of Mental Illness in Seattle

TheSunbreak has an excellent piece worth reading. Mental illness drove a killer to brutally murder a stranger in Capitol Hill this past week. Unfortunately, this is the second murder that has been comitted by a mentally ill person, within blocks of each other, in less than three years.

Both murderers were being treated by Sound Mental Health. However, they were not being monitored to a level of supervision where lapses in their medication were noticed. Both murderers also had a violent history of past assaults, but were allowed to maintain an independent life amongst society effectually unchecked. Unfortunately, as seen by the recurrence of tragedies, this is a problem that is simply not going to go away on its’ own.

This isn’t an attempt at mongering fear against Belltown’s significant population of mentally ill people. But rather, we should all work to increase awareness that the current solution simply is not working. Society is in danger and the mentally ill who require competent care are not receiving it.

Mid-morning Monday, as snow was falling, Michael LaRosa walked up to a man he didn’t know and repeatedly , killing him, . The murder, on the 1400 block of East Union Street, occurred in view of students in a nearby school. (“I don’t know what came over me, because I’ve never done murder, you know,”

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