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The Frontier Room- What can I say?

On the eve of the presidential election, my guy and I went to the Frontier Room for the first time, in hopes that we could catch the coverage on TV while eating some BBQ. Being the only two republicans in the bar (yes I used the R word), or in Seattle for that matter, but still affably cool with Obama and his ability to run the country, we had a hypnotic shot (bright blue colored liquor) in celebration with the other 10 people in the bar when the results were announced. Yay Election Whoo Hoo Obama Hope Change Whoot Whoot. It was a good time and a super laid back place to watch the election and eat some Omazing BBQ, in my opinion. We thought, what a great find! Wonder if this place is always so chill. Come to find out, when we were returning on a Thursday night in jeans, tennis shoes and a sweatshirt, with the intention of a laidback night of barbeque, the place turned into Club Frontier Room: DJ and hoards of people standing shoulder to shoulder in their tube tops, waiting for a drink. Being from Las Vegas, we thought in all of our club snobbiness..funny that this place , a BBQ joint, turns into a club. I guess the restaurants downtown have got to pay for their uber high rents somehow. With exception of Club Frontier Room on the weekends, this place is still tops in my book for a laid back good time with darn good food. The Seattle Times reminds us today that they have darn good prices too. Happy Hour $1 Barbeque sliders, what!? I’ll take 20!

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  1. What a pit. worst food in town. this place is past its use. was a good place back in the mid 80’s- 93. but after that it’s just a hell hole of a dive. eat else where and spend your money on good food not the crap they serve.

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