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The Big Night – Marco’s

The clutter of menus on the door, tantalizing you with a mix of calamaris, steaks, halibut and cocktails….

The smell of the roasting potatoes and meats as you walk in the door….

You walk in to a nearly empty restaurant that somehow, someway, every night stays in business. You pass by it every day on 1st Avenue on your walk home or to another place and wonder…”why is this place never full?”

Well friends, next time you pass Marco’s Supper Club on  2510 1st Ave, walk on inside and grab a cocktail and prepare for a meal you won’t soon forget. 

Tonight we were there and Marco was hosting some of his best customers for a special meal – on him. He was treating them to whatever he felt like cooking so they could enjoy. I have to imagine that for us this translated into the best items being on the menu!



I won’t go into the details, there’s no need. Marco made everything taste just amazing. A simple, humble flank steak had the flavours of the finest filet. A basil – pineapple sorbet? Amazing. 

Just trust me on this one, oh Belltown friends, the next time you pass Marco’s on 1st, come on inside. You’ll find an amazing warm atmosphere, amazing food and the hospitality of a host who clearly loves his craft. You don’t find places like this that much anymore. Come on in, and enjoy.

Yelp – 4/5, City Search – 5/5,