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The Best Spots in Belltown- Sunsets

Some folks have asked our opinion, as Belltown locals, on what the Best Spots in Belltown are for various things besides just restaurants and bars. I don’t entirely have all of my opinions set in stone because it seems like the more that I explore this town and really dig in, the more there is to be found.

Last night, though, I found the ‘hands down’ best spot for a Sunset in Belltown and would love to share it with you. These little red chairs in the Olympic Sculpture park sit on a hill overlooking expansive views of the Sound. And I tell you what, last night when I was sitting on one of these chairs watching the sun go down behind the Olympics, listening to classical violin musings on my ipod, it seemed like the whole city was silent and peaceful. It was just beautiful.

A sign off of the corner of Wetern and Broad, where you enter to get to these red chairs, says that park is open in the evenings until 30 minutes after the sun sets. Perfect.

If you know of other great places to watch to the Sunset in Belltown please post it below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

2 Comments on "The Best Spots in Belltown- Sunsets"

  1. I think that this is an excellent spot for a sunset, but I think that there are two better spots:

    The very best spot is Elliot Bay Park, just north from the sculpture park. It’s a lovely walk over to the spot, and then there’s this nice beachy area with lots of logs and rocks and such. It’s a great place to sit and watch the sunset.

    The second best place is from any of the rooftop decks in Belltown. Lots and lots of high-rise condos have great views, and for my two cents, the highest views are the best. The mountains seem prettier from up there. Go find a friend who lives in one of the taller buildings closer to the water, like Arbor Place, and watch from their roof.

  2. Hey thanks for the note Brandon! I agree, its a gorgeous view from my condo rooftop deck as well..i’m right on the views are beautiful, but there is something about being right on the water I tell ya. 🙂 Anywho, I’m gonna check out Elliot Bay Park tomorrow. Thanks for the tip, i’m so excited to check it out! (Might have to update this post after tomorrow!)

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