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The Bell Street Park Proj… fiasco



At least a dozen or more times a week I walk down 2nd street heading to work, dinner, to shop, or just for a few drinks and I have noticed the first installment of the Bell Street Park project is still going on. I thought it was suppose to be done a few weeks ago. Even at the last Belltown First Friday Wine Share it was mentioned that there would be an opening and community event. So every time I walk by I think to myself, dang whats going on with this, we are still waiting for this opening! Then a couple of days ago I get this email from a friend:

From: Donohue, Patrick
Subject: Bell Street Park
Good morning,
On Friday we hit a major snag with project and we are going to have to remove and replace all of the stamped concrete which was poured on Friday. This will prevent the project from being ready for a soft opening on Saturday the 29th. We are working hard to overcome this issue and I’ll keep you posted as things progress.
Please call if you have questions.

Patrick Donohue
Senior Project Coordinator
Seattle Parks and Recreation

So after reading this I have become less hopeful to see the opening anytime soon. Then today on my way home from work I noticed they have now started working on another section of Bell Street, even before the first one was completed. After I got home tonight I was looking over some local news feeds and found an interesting story I wanted to pass on from The Stranger.

Belltown Park Construction Inconveniences Businesses Longer Than Expected