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Thanks By Paridon Williams

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Thanks By Paridon Williams

The truth is, in this day and age it’s almost necessary to search for anything to be happy about. Wars, natural disasters, unstable minds, poor physical health, etc.; our world is experiencing some “Major” problems and the hurt is not exclusive … most people feel the tragedies and pains of others.

If you don’t believe in the celebration of Holidays and days to be thankful for, there are a whole lot of other reasons and things to be thankful about and if you can’t figure any of those then how’s about you simply be one … be the person that others are thankful for and for that, it really doesn’t take trying to be anyone other than yourself.

There may be a few Holidays that I personally don’t celebrate or believe in and it doesn’t matter because the one thing I do believe in is “Happiness”, I believe that everyone should have days when they are smiling with others and sharing the warmth of love that exponentially reaches out and touch an unseen amount of others.

The upcoming Holidays are going to be somewhat sad for a whole lot of people but do they have be as sad they potentially can be. Not really because somewhere within you is a gift for them; a card, a visit, an email, something grand, or just a simple token or gesture to let others know that you care; if only a smirk is what your actions create, you will have made a colossal difference in the life of someone in need of a heart like yours.

If you feel as though you may be alone or know of someone in need during these upcoming Holidays then simply reach out and be there for someone else … your being there in heart and/or person is absolutely reciprocal and priceless!!

Our life is all we are … Because we are!!

~ Paridon Williams … Pass it on.

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  1. GretaFagerland | November 26, 2013 at 12:14 pm |

    What a treasure Belltown has in Paridon, our very own philospher.

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