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State Denies Liquor License for VBar

Casey McNerthney of the SeattlePI does a great job summarizing the current situation with Belltown’s troubled VBar. This appears to be a good example of government listening to neighborhood concerns. Over 30 letters were received by the liquor control board from neighbors and business people citing concerns about the bar’s impact to the neighborhood. Only 1 letter of support was recieved, by a writer of SeattlePI’s InsideBelltown.

From the SeattlePI

A Belltown bar will not regain a liquor license if a decision by the State Liquor Control Board director stands.

The V-Bar Noodle Bar and Lounge has been the subject of police attention during multiple late-night incidents.

On Sept. 9, police said V-Bar staff failed to call 911 when medical assistance was needed, delaying a medical response. In October, former V-Bar owner Trinh Cam Le was charged with false reporting and obstructing police. She received deferments after pleading guilty to both charges.

In March, police said Le tried to stop a fight by firing a 9mm handgun in the air. Le was arrested, and the Liquor Control Board issued a verbal warning after a complaint. But Le was not charged in the case.