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SPD spends RoboCop money on wrong problem…

Good news Seattlites, The city has decided to spend some more money fighting crime in downtown Seattle! Pop Quiz  – What are the big crime issues you’d like to see attacked?


  • a) Shutting down the “open air” drug market.
  • b) Decreasing the number car prowls.
  • c) Additional foot patrols.
  • d) Writing more Parking Tickets.

D) Unfortunately, they’re spending over $160,000 on lining the city’s pockets with parking tickets instead of fighing real crime. I don’t normally go on rants against the government on this site, but this is worth talking about.

From the Seattle Times

Two sedans packed with $160,000 worth of special software and equipment will prowl the streets, taking pictures of license plates and the position of each vehicle’s tires. A later, second pass will automatically reveal which cars haven’t moved, resulting in a quick $35 ticket.

 Where does the city get off spending this kind of money on basically the harassment of it’s citizens when time and time we’re told there’s no money for additional cops to patrol the streets. Between this new robocop endeavor and the bait and switch tactics soiling 1st ave, it’s really beyond me to understand the valorous underlying goal behind this program.


3 Comments on "SPD spends RoboCop money on wrong problem…"

  1. whether or not the city will be able to generate more income from the parking tickets, and then what does that income go to?

  2. 160,000 per car…

    I don’t know what to say. This is truly bizarre. What ever happened to the $2 box of chalk and boots on the streets.

  3. Beau D. Simensen | June 29, 2009 at 4:50 pm |

    … but we actually have to repark, too? I think that is what this means, right?

    It can already be pretty difficult to find a spot at all, much less having to repark every two hours.

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