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Something Twisted This Way Comes!

For the past few weeks I have passed by Henry & Oscars on 4th & Vine and noticed they seemed to be re-doing the insides and have brown paper up on the windows. Over the past weekend I walked by and the Henry & Oscars hanging sign is gone, and in the window was a paper sign stating “Something TWISTED This Way Comes!” I wonder what could be coming, maybe someone can shed some light into this for us!


2 Comments on "Something Twisted This Way Comes!"

  1. Ronald Holden | January 28, 2014 at 3:35 pm |

    Yes, Henry & Oscar’s is gone. Owners Mark & Katie Stern will concentrate on their two Big Picture venues (movies + booze).

    My understanding is that Something Twisted will be an expansion of the dance studio.

  2. Oh well shucks, that is boring in regards to the current location being an expansion.. I was hoping for a neat bar.

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