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Seattle Met Bar Review: Clever Bottle

I suppose it’s alright to talk about Clever Bottle now that the Seattle Metropolitan picked it up. Sometimes I like to see places with neighborhood character get overlooked for a little while before they’re swarmed by the masses (hello Bathtub Gin) . If you haven’t been to CB yet, give it a shot. It’s a perfect place to start a date or enjoy some good conversation.

From Seattle Metropolitan

Clever Bottle is a wine bar entirely appropriate for the present era: it’s simple, creatively conceived, living within its means.

There is no liquor here, just wine (mostly Washington, fairly priced), beer, and mixed drinks made with wine and beer. Ambiance is achieved via glass bottles backlit by votive candles in small globular enclosures—more affordable, I suspect, than those ubiquitous Glassy Baby.

The food is sourced from nearby Pike Place Market, and choices do not require a lot of thought or negotiation….

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