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Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board Meeting – Tomorrow Oct 7

The next public board meeting, which anyone who’s interested in this issue is encouraged to attend, is on October 7 at 3:30pm in Room 4060 (40th Floor) of the Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Avenue.



What do Shorty’s, Tula’s, and the Lava Lounge have in common – HISTORY?

The Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board has nominated the Wayne Apartments at 2224 Second Ave built in the late 1800s for landmark status.     This is the same 3 parcel property that Atlanta-based Wood Partners is considering a 124-unit residential project.  The storefronts include Tula’s, Shorty’s and Lava Lounge.

Public comment is open until October 6th.  Send your comments to the Historic Pres­ervation Program, Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 ·Fifth Ave., Suite 1700, P.O. Box 94649 Seattle, WA 98124.  The next vote is October 7th.

Photo courtesy of Greg Caldwell

For some fun facts, link to Bell’s Tour: Hit the Bricks and Explore the Legacy (desktop version) – Shorty’s –, Tula’s –, and Lava Lounge –

Here is a link to the landmark nomination application –