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Seattle is #6 for Top 10 Worst Dressed Cities!

A story making the rounds today caught our attention. MSN Travel and GQ conducted a survey on the world’s worst dressed, and like you may have thought, the Emerald City ended up on that list. 

It’s not terribly surprising, especially since we in the PacNW are known for wearing socks with sandals, flannel shirts and very relaxed office dress codes. Not to mention, do you see what the girls are wearing on a typical Friday night on 1st Ave? Yikes! 

So, Belltown, head straight to Kuhlman, Ian, Endless Knot , Karen Dannenberg or even go downtown to the big department stores (we’d rather you shop Belltown, though,) and get some new threads! 

And remember ladies, as @aprildoodles says, “Leggings are not pants!”

The full list and original article:

Here’s the top 10:

  1. Orlando
  2. Maui
  3. Vancouver, B.C.
  4. Harajuku, Japan
  5. Boston
  6. Seattle
  7. San Francisco and Silicon Valley
  8. Ottawa
  9. Pittsburgh
  10. Jersey Shore

Do you have a fav clothing store in Belltown or walkable to Belltown? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

3 Comments on "Seattle is #6 for Top 10 Worst Dressed Cities!"

  1. I’m pretty sure Harajuku is just a district in Tokyo but anyway, I’d be happy to be listed alongside it. We could use some help with clothing though. But at least we aren’t as bad as silicon valley, but part of their problem is just the lack of attractive people. 🙂

  2. The problem isn’t that Seattlites are “worst dressed”, it’s that we are inappropriately dressed given certain social situations. Sweat pants and a t-shirt are fine attire when you are just stepping out to the local market or taking a jog around Myrtle Edwards Park, but not when you are going out to attend Seattle Opera’s performance of Carmen. Trust me, over the years I’ve been out to see many an opera, ballet, and symphony performance where scores of people are dressed exactly that way. It’s as if they just wandered in off the street and found themselves in McCaw Hall: “Hey Mabel, look! People dancing in too-toos!” You don’t have to buy the most expensive fashions from Milan, either. Shop at Ross, Target, even Value Village. Find a decent suit or sport jacket. Get a clean dress shirt. Grab some ties. Put some effort into being presentable if you are going out to take in some culture. Used to be a time when people paid attention to those kinds of details, but not anymore. If people put more thought and care in their appearance when they make an appearance, I doubt we would make it on a list like this.

  3. Personally, one of my favorite oddities of living in Seattle is the lack of a dress code. Coming from Miami, this is a refreshing aspect that I believe gives our city it’s own unique flair. I hated people’s pre-oocupation with everyone’s attire in Miami; it just lended itself to a society of envy, coveting, and pretentiousness. I believe people should dress however they feel suits them best and if going to the opera in casual clothing is their particular style, who are we to judge. 
    I personally love fashion and dressing up, it adds to my experience going out on the town. However, I know some people who hate it and find it cumbersome; why should they have to endure not feeling comfortable and at ease with themselves because of others standards on what is and isn’t appropriate to wear? 
    I say- Seattle stay the same! Don’t fall for the world’s pressures of conforming to fashion designers standards and retail stores. Buy and wear what you find suits you best and don’t dwell on the opinions of the editors and writers at GQ.

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