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Seattle Founders Fest Is Here – Music & Entertainment Line Up

The Seattle Founders Festival stage is located at the corner of 2nd and Bell. They’ve got a pretty stellar lineup for you today and tomorrow. Not only are bands and musicians playing the stage, but a slew of performers and even Match Game will be taking the stage.

Here’s the line up:

Saturday, August 11th:

11:00a.m. – Jonny Nothings
12:00p.m. – Bigger Than Mountains
1:00p.m. – History Presentation from The Underground Tour
2:00p.m. – Highway Evangelism
3:00p.m. – Sid Law
4:00p.m. – Emily Grace
6:30p.m. – Hilltalks
8:00p.m. – Match Game
9:30p.m. – Shadow Act

Sunday, August 12th:

11:00a.m. – Soul Seville
12:00p.m. – History Performance
2:00p.m. – Back Bar Beauties Burlesque
3:00p.m. – ChoroLoco
4:00p.m. – Key of Solomon
5:00p.m. – Dark State Lines
6:30p.m. –  Gunstreet Glory
8:00p.m. – Belltown Pageant 

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