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Seattle colors

Seattle is known for it’s gray skies, dark blue waters, and dark green trees, but have you ever stopped to look at the city itself and noticed its colors? On overcast days like today, what color gray are the sidewalks, the asphalt, the stone, brick, and glass building,  the clouds, the waters of the Sound, and the islands? Sometimes West Seattle is navy blue from Belltown, sometimes the softest brushed steel color. Postcard photos of Seattle never seem to capture what I see everyday. We are rarely that sharply contrasted, rarely that blue and black and silver. I believe Seattle is most often a very subtle range of desaturated violets. Yes, gray, but not an icy gray, a soft edged misty gray with some purple in it. I have been noticing this for a while, and documented it as I worked on a series of small paintings and map sketches of Seattle sidewalks and intersections last year. What do you think? Of course everything is different on sunny days…

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  1. You would find different moods on different occasions!!!
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