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Seattle City Council Visits Antioch University

Antioch Universities Adjunct Professor, David C. Bloom, Th.M, was joined by four members of the Seattle City Council to listen, comment and evaluate a senior presentation on “Strategies to End Homelessness.”
Students presented a number of well thought out solutions to the on-going challenges of the growing number of homeless in our communities
See video on CNN iReport
Ideas ranged from;
*Adding use taxes on coffee
*Implementing community service time in school curriculums
*Using various European models that create low income communities cross supporting each other
*One stop service area to meet all the needs of the homeless community in one location
*Subsidize transportation
*Add training linked to specific jobs
*Educating of the public on who the homeless are in the community
*City officials share time in schools teaching civics
*Less money for jails-more money for rehab
*Open up empty building and stadiums for shelter