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SDOT comes down on bike share programs

As first reported by Belltown’s own Kiro7. Seattle Department of Transportation has come down on Lime and Jump by Uber bike share programs for misreporting bad parking jobs of the bikes. The penalty given by SDOT to each of the companies is a reduction in fleet by 1,000 bikes each.

The monthly status report for the Seattle Free-Floating Bike Share Program in May shows that each company had over 150 “Reports vendor received of improperly parked device”.

Interesting fact: I learned in the above report is that Lime has removed all non-assisted bikes from Seattle active fleet. This leaves only e-assisted bikes in the bike share program.

Earlier this year SDOT in partnership with the Seattle-based non-profit Rooted in Rights, released a PSA video for proper bike share parking.

Here are the tips of that video:

  • You can park the bike in the landscaping/furniture zone of sidewalks (the part of the sidewalk with trees, poles, and other fixtures), as long as that space is more than three feet wide.
  • Leave at least six feet clear for pedestrians to pass.
  • Do not park on corners, driveways, or curb ramps.
  • Do not block access to buildings, benches, parking pay stations, bus stops, hydrants, etc.
  • Park the bike upright.
  • Be courteous to others—don’t park in somebody else’s way, and don’t hide the bike somewhere that the next user can’t get to it.
  • Check out our bike parking diagram to better help you understand where to park your bike, and where to avoid parking.

To report an improperly parked bike you can contact the bike share programs in a few ways.


— Be Good Out There To One Another

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