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Sarajevo Lounge Replaces Del Rey

It’s pretty much official. According to a liquor license application, the new owners of Del Rey are opening a new establishment named Sarajevo Lounge. The new owners have a background in owning a local security company. This seems like a great fit in terms of managing a club.

We hope to speak with the new owners soon to find out more details.

9 Comments on "Sarajevo Lounge Replaces Del Rey"

  1. It’s about time to have a Bosnian Restaurant and Club in town!!!
    Great idea
    I wish the owners great success

  2. Are they going to be serving Cevapi and burek in Sarajevo lounge?

  3. Phil Brokovich | April 13, 2011 at 10:40 am |

    What makes it a Bosnian lounge besides the fact that the name of the lounge is the capital city of Bosnia & Herzegovina?

  4. I checked out their banner they hung in the window and saw what was being posted on hereMe. It seems that they will be serving bosnian food and also playing bosnian music, seems pretty unique to me! def better than the general top 40 music and same ol’ food. I’m totally excited!

  5. Certainly not you!!

  6. had a chance to meet the new owners and they seem pretty cool. They also own Central Protection Agency, so they should have great security.

    I am meeting with them next week, should have full info then 😉

  7. Soft Opening Party Starts 10pm Sat. May 21st. DJs will be spinning South-eastern European Club Music.

  8. man…this place is terrible, terrible music that’s way too loud, horrible food and a shambled atmosphere…i hope this place crashes and burns quickly so we can replace it with a decent establishment.

  9. Since this is a first bad review about the new establishment,can you please describe what’s wrong with it? I was over there Saturday night, everything was cool.

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