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Saint Patrick’s Day in Belltown? The 5 Point Owns It.

The 5Point has a head start by beginning their St Patrick’s day celebrations a little earlier than most. They kicked it off at 6AM. “Hmmm, I’ll have a double Americano Guiness please”?

Guinness Pints $4.50;;

Black & Tan $4.50 ~ Guinness layered over Old Seattle Lager or a pale of your choice;;

Snakebite $4.50 ~ Guinness layered over Woodchuck Apple Cider

Irish Car Bomb $7.00 ~ Jameson & Bailey’s shot dropped in Guinness

Green Beer if you really need it $3.00 ~ Looks great on your teeth.

Whoopass Shots:

Caramel Apple ~ Cofia & Grapple $6.00

Apple Bomb! ~ Soft Tail Vodka dropped in Grapple $6.50


Corned Beef and Cabbage

Delicious tender corned beef brisket slow cooked using our house Guinness recipe and pickling spices. Served with Braised cabbage and new potatoes. $10.50


Corned beef sliders $2 each

Bangers with grilled onion $3 each

2 Comments on "Saint Patrick’s Day in Belltown? The 5 Point Owns It."

  1. Also, they have a Groupon today… $10 gets you $25 at 5 Point!!

  2. Troy Morris | March 17, 2011 at 10:07 am |

    You beat me to announcing that!

    I think I’m going to have a good evening, starting with Local 360 to fill my belly before drinking heavy.

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