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Roq La Rue: Mandy Greer – Honey and Lightning

SeattleTimes tipped us off. You probably shouldn’t miss a visit to the current exhibition at Roq La Rue.

Roq la Rue is pleased to bring a new dimension of art making to the gallery when Northwest artist Mandy Greer takes over the spaces with a series of installation pieces and photographs. Her work takes cues from folklore tales, archetypal imagery, myths and fairytales. Using layers upon layers of fabric, twisted, knotted and crocheted, Mandy is able to create natural world spectacles (from rivers to jungles) as well as mythically informed large scale installations that engulf the viewer in her mystically driven and darkly beautiful world. In addition to several brand new installation pieces created for this show, Mandy will also be exhibiting a series of photographs featuring her work, as well as smaller scale pieces such as a series of elaborate headdresses.