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Root Pie Day – Feb 2 – Six Restaurants – 4 to 6 PM

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Fun Facts:

Groundhog Day occurs midway point between winter solstice and spring Equinox.  This is the transitional time of year when the metaphorical root cellar is almost empty and a cause for sharing and celebration of the return of spring’s replenishment.   We dine as the groundhog dines, with a taste of roots, hunkering down, waiting winters fading hold.

In the early 1980’s a community tradition began with the re-appropriation of the Belltown Café sign that hung at 2309 First Avenue. The signs function on Groundhog Day was the root pie baking and serving pan.  The following day the pan was reinstated back to the café façade as sign, poetic utility.

In addition to a community   celebration in support of sustainable civic urbanism the iconic bell, serves as   bellwether, an aid to navigation and a call to action for the common good. 


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