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Richard Nordstrom Resigns as Belltown Community Council President

We just recieved word that Richard Nordstrom will be stepping down as the President of the BCC. Richard has, to put it succinctly, worked his ass off on behalf of Belltown. I’m personally sad to see him move on to greener pastures as his management consulting business appears to have picked up.

Richard, thank you for your tireless work for this community. Whoever’s next has some big shoes to fill.

It has been an honor and a privilege for me to serve as President of the Belltown Community Council. Recently, I have been fortunate to take on new clients in my Consulting Management business and as a result of these additional demands, I can no longer maintain the quality level of representation Belltown deserves.

Effective immediately, I am resigning as President of the BCC.

As I look back over the past 18 months I am pleased by the results my tenure has brought to the Belltown Neighborhood.


  • Organized the neighborhood to improve Public Street and private property lighting levels. We directed the city to fix more than 23% of the lights in Belltown that were broken and leaving our sidewalks dark.
  • Succeeded in getting Seattle Light to improve pole identification tags.
  • Pushed for a new website interface that allow easier reporting of broken lights and offer status on the reports.
  • Pushed for a new maintenance plan so Belltown would never be dark again.
  • Brought the Mayor and Councilmembers to Belltown to see the nighttime environment.
  • Arranged working meetings with the Mayor and Councilmembers to explain our safety issues in Belltown and seek solutions.
  • Regularly met with the Seattle Police Department to identify and work on safety issues.
  • Arranged for a Belltown Public Safety Forum with the Mayor, Police Chief and City Attorney. More than 180 people attended.
  • Played an integral role in creating the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program commonly called LEAD, with city, county state, and private organizations. This multi-million dollar program will start Fall 2010 as a new tool for the police and the community to deal with substance abuse in the neighborhood.
  • Letters to the Mayor and City Council asking for more police protection.
  • Reviewed Belltown liquor license applications for the City and WA State Liquor Control Board.



  • Promoted events to remove graffiti and to cleanup Belltown streets, sidewalks and alleyways.
  • Identified trouble locations in Belltown and brought these to the attention of the Council and Mayor’s office for action.
  • Sponsored and organized a forum to achieve a better understanding of the benefits and costs of Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) expansion into Belltown. More than 200 people attended.
  • Participated in the Community Advisory Group for CleanScapes, to make sure they hear the community feedback on their work in removing waste from the streets and alleyways of Belltown.



  • Created the first BCC website as a mechanism to communicate with our neighborhood.
  • Created the first monthly BCC newsletter to keep everyone up to date on timely issues and news.
  • Organized the Belltown Garden Tour to see some of the hidden special gardens in Belltown.
  • Organized the Belltown Pet Parade where our special pets and owners listen to cool jazz, win prizes for their pets’ special tricks and create a place where we can get to know our neighbors.
  • Found a long-term solution at Olympic Sculpture Park (OSP) where we can hold monthly BCC meetings.
  • Reached out to other organizations in our community who responded and now participate in the BCC.
  • Increased the number of people participating in our monthly meetings and brought in relevant speakers.



  • Sponsored and organized three Bell Street Park design review meetings where more than 800 residents participated.
  • Applied for and championed a Park Levy Fund application for $600,00 to upgrade the Regrade Park (Dog Park).
  • Created the “Friends of Bell Street Park”, for those wanting to make our new park a success and an important center for our Belltown Community.
  • Found another $1 million dollars for the Bell Street Park to make sure it is funded for success.
  • Built a working relationship with the Belltown Business Association and Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) to make Belltown a safer and cleaner place for the future.
  • Championed the effort to find alternative solutions for the creation of a Belltown Community Center and encouraged the city to reengage the community in this discussion.



  • Participated in the Downtown District Council (DDC) to share issues and explore solutions with other Seattle Downtown neighborhoods.
  • Actively engaged with the Seattle City Council and its members to ensure they understand Belltown and its issues.
  • Coordinated a series of discussions with our WA State senator and representatives to make sure Belltown is recognized in future development projects.
  • Actively engaged various government agencies and organizations to make sure Belltown continues to have a say in Seattle’s Waterfront Development and in the availability of new land for Parks.
  • Held numerous meetings with the Mayor’s office and City Council, making sure they know our community concerns for the Seattle Nightlife Initiative and its impact on our community.

Much more has been accomplished during the last 18 months, but there is still so much more we need to do as a community. I have worked diligently to achieve our Belltown Community Council’s Mission Statement of Safety, Clean Streets, Smart Urban Planning, Community Engagement and proactive Proactive Communications.


See you in Belltown! 


Richard Nordstrom


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  1. Sad to see you go Richard, though we are so grateful for your service to our neighborhood. I feel like we should throw you a going away happy hour at Tavolata or something like that! Wish you all of the best for the future with your business.

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