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Real Change is leaving Belltown for Pioneer Square

The New Pioneer Square is reporting that Real Change will be packing up their Belltown location on 2nd ave and heading to Pioneer Square. This is a big move for Real Change. They’ve been a part of the Belltown neighborhood for 15 years and I’ll personally be a bit sad to see them go.

The editor of P2 on the other hand seems a bit concerned. She seems to think that the line of vendors waiting to pick up their Real Change papers  will fall victim to the predatory drug dealers that haunt the streets of Pioneer Square. I can understand the knee jerk reaction, but think it might be a bit too far.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a couple of the Real Change salesmen – their stories are heartbreaking and nothing short of amazing. I met Kenny at a Christmas Coat Lunch last Christmas and have bought papers from him on 2nd once in a while;

Ken, I hope you’re hanging in there. And I hope to still see you around Belltown sometimes.