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Rash of car break-ins in Belltown

Friendly Reminder: If you’re parking on the streets of Belltown (or anywhere in the city for that matter) be sure to clear out your vehicle and have nothing of value visibly enticing thieves to smash in a window. Three vehicles were broken into on Western Ave last evening; all with some valuables present to the prying eye.

Some tips to avoid a break-in

  • Don’t leave valuables in plain view (no change, no adapters, no nothing! People on crack are totally irrational, .25 in the cupholder is one step closer to getting high)
  • Get a cover for anything that you have to leave in the car (I used an old cardboard flattened box for my cargo area to lay over anything that looked cool, so far, so good)

Of course, increased SPD patrols, Predator drones, and sharks with frikkin lasers could all resolve this issue in a split second right? But, until that happens, please be aware and don’t give anyone an excuse to ruin your day.