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The Punk Rock Flea Market Returns


The Punk Rock Flea Market returns to Belltown this Saturday December 7th from Noon to 8:00 PM at the Under Ground Events Center. I missed this the last time it was in town in the spring so I cannot wait to check it out. I have heard from many others that you can find almost anything imaginable and very unique items at it. Here is a blurb from the events website:

Let there be no doubt, this is Seattle’s ONLY Punk Rock Flea Market! Accept no substitutes! The PRFM is a no-holds-barred flea market selling everything from music to clothing, to lamps made of cigar boxes, hubcaps, stereo equipment, shoes, anarchist cookies, porn, info from nonprofit groups, subversive literature, degenerate art, bikes, skateboards and whatever else we can fit into the space. Our “Punk Rock” name refers as much to the DIY spirit of the event as it does to any particular music or lifestyle.