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Police Need Help Solving Belltown ATM Stabbing

Detectives have released ATM photos of a female possibly associated with the suspects in last week’s stabbing at an ATM in Belltown. The victim was punched and stabbed in the back, causing life-threatening injuries.  The victim confirmed that he spoke to this female right before he was attacked and she may have witnessed the assault.  She may have been in the company of three black males.  Anyone with information on the identity of this female is asked to contact the Robbery Unit at (206) 684-5535.


4 Comments on "Police Need Help Solving Belltown ATM Stabbing"

  1. Where was this stabbing?

  2. link in the article will take you to more information.

  3. Isee this woman skankin’ it up all over Belltown; she’ll be easy to find but I bet she won’t talk. Maybe throw her in jail until she does?

  4. Let me think, you are at an ATM at three in the morning with a woman dressed in a fishnet top you do not know? And then you question why did she or the other men she was with stab me? Perhaps it was a long night and she was not interested in working any more. Give me a break. lets have the rest of the story, we can handle the truth.

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