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Pintxo for Half Off? MMMkay!

Groupon has a screaming deal for one of our Belltown favorites, Pintxo. Hard to beat.

At Pintxo, pals can sip a cocktail or a glass of wine while feasting on individual plates of meat and cheese in a Spanish-inspired tapas bar that has earned praise from the Stranger and the Seattle Times. Dinner diners can coil waiting tongues around the bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese ($4) pulled from the menu‘s selection of pintxos—a traditional snack typically eaten in bars or stored in cheek pouches for later consumption. The meat and cheese plate explores the flavors of pastoral Spain, including jamón serrano and chorizo, as well as valdeon and manchego cheese ($15). Pair a trio of quail eggs on toast ($7) with a hand-crafted thyme-infused cocktail of vodka, lemon, and sugar ($10) from the bar, or toast fellow nightlife adventurers with a heady glass of Spanish wine ($5–$8) before embarking on an all-night game of Candy Land.

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