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Pike Place Market: Tourists…we’re taking back our market!

While visiting Paris last month, one of my favorite experiences was to stumble into a local open air market complete with crepe stands, wine shops, local produce, etc. It was my favorite because it was a place where the community clearly came together and met. There were local markets in every neighborhood. Imagine Pike Place Markets that were predominantly for locals, not tourists, in Capitol Hill, Belltown, Queen Anne, SLU and Pioneer square. We do have the neighborhood Farmer’s Markets in our Seattle neighborhoods, and i love them…but none of them are open every day like our Market.

We are lucky enough to have THE market, Pike Place, in our neighborhood, yet I find myself not frequenting it enough. And that is quite silly.

So Pike Place Market: Tourists…we’re taking back our market! Weekly, I will be interviewing one of our local vendors at Pike Place Market in a series called “The Pike Place Stroll” in order to help make our market more familiar and personal. This is purposed so that we can get to know the people at our neighborhood market and know more information about the vendors that they work at. (I mean there has to be at least 200 shops/vendors, right?!). I would love to know more about them, the secret hidden awesome ones, the ones that don’t look so exciting from the outside but have the most amazing food, etc. 

I would love to hear about Your favorite Pike Place Vendors/Shops…Feel free to share your story by commenting below and we will incorporate it into this series! (For example: I’ve been going there every week for 2 years, Bob has the most amazing crab pie, his family has been working the shop since 1950, he has a Swedish accent and wears funny shoes, etc. etc.) Or feel free to just name your favorite shop and I’ll do some research.

See ya at the Market.

4 Comments on "Pike Place Market: Tourists…we’re taking back our market!"

  1. It’s crazy there most days……the amount of tourists that just meander around and take photos make it impossible (almost) to do real shopping. But I love it at the same time. What’s a solution?

    For one I’d love to see the hours be extended so it would be possible to shop after work. The weekends are too crazy with tourists, so after work might be our only chance.

    Second, any sort of expansion to make the walking area larger (long term) would be amazing.

  2. My wife went by the other day and was sad to hear that the organic vendors outside won’t be selling in the winter. She was also wondering what’s up with the “fresh picked” oranges. (Greenhouse???) We’re also wondering how much of the food is actually local vs from California or another hemisphere.

  3. My favorites are Fero’s Meats, Juice Emporium, and whatever fruit stand is across from the fishing tossing corner.

    Winner of creepiest store clerk is at Kitchen basics… seriously sets off the pedo alarms.

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments above! Noted, and will take all into consideration when doing this series of posts in order to obtain the information that you would like to read. Thank you so much for your input!!!! I’m headin to Kitchen basics tomorrow Mark, i’ve gotta see this. 🙂

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